Brandon McWilliams Coaching


Brandon McWilliams is a native of Lincoln, NE. He is extremely proud of his Midwest roots. Brandon graduated from Lincoln High School in 2006 and went on to receive a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Concordia University. While studying psychology Brandon fell in love with learning about human behavior and understanding how the mind works.

After graduating from college, Brandon wanted to continue his McWilliams family legacy of helping others in Lincoln, however, was unsure of how he could fulfill this role.  His mother, Karen, served as a LPS teacher for 40 years. His grandparents, Kendall and Theresa, were Pastors at Christ Temple Mission, entrepreneurs and housed over 100 foster children. Brandon considered being a teacher but ultimately ended up landing a job as a family partner at a local non-profit.

Brandon’s experience as a family partner opened his eyes to the harsh realities that some families are forced to face on a daily basis. When working with families he was able to find silver linings by asking the youth and families he worked with about their dreams. He discovered that by focusing on the positive there was more potential for growth.

This ignited the passion that led Brandon to starting a non-profit called Men with Dreams. Brandon served as the program director of the organization and eventually the executive director. This experience provided Brandon with many valuable learning experiences such as running a business and the importance of building a strong team.

Brandon was introduced to Strengthsfinder while running the non-profit, providing new life for Brandon and the organization. He fell in love with strengths right away and knew he wanted to structure the rest of his life around helping people understand their natural talents. 

Brandon has a passion for sharing the Strengthsfinder with as many people as he can. He is currently still coaching youth at Lincoln Lighthouse and has partnered with Lancaster county to provide strengths coaching for youth in the diversion program. Brandon also does coaching for companies such as Capital Cigar Lounge, Community Action, Eyes on Lincoln and Individual coaching for other passionate people around the nation. 

Now that you know a little more about Brandon, let's get started on developing a plan for your future success using Strengthsfinder.

Brandon's Strengths