Brandon McWilliams Coaching



We were introduced to Strengthfinders a little over three years into our relationship. When we first took the assessment and read our reports we agreed that they were good descriptions of us.

Like most people after we read the reports, we didn’t quite know what to do with the information that we had received. We searched for different ways to apply this information to our relationship and discovered this was key to help us understand, appreciate, and customize how we communicate with one another.

Knowing our strengths allowed us to connect with each other on a more intimate level because we could better identify and fulfill each other's true needs. During our strengths journey we discovered that the small quirks that we may have previously found annoying about one another are now viewed differently and looked at as talents we bring to enhance the relationship.

Our relationship is not perfect and disagreements/arguments will still occur. However, knowing our strengths has helped these moments become more of a time for understanding and enlightenment rather than frustration. Our arguments are more constructive allowing us to go inward using our strengths to explain how we feel and providing a tool for the other person to better understand where these feelings are coming from.