Brandon McWilliams Coaching



Appreciate the unique talents and traits of each individual. Appreciates diversity and understanding of its value. The key strength is understanding how people fit together so that their natural talents and abilities are fully tapped.


Fascination with ideas, loves making random and different connections. He gets a sense of energy from others and helping understand the ideas they come up with.


From the process of deep thinking comes clarity and wisdom. His innate ability to see things clearly also allows him to help others to develop their own sense of clarity. This is an extremely vital asset to have as a coach.


Arranger loves complexity and making sense out of chaos. He can be very flexible and enjoys playing the role of a conductor, similar to that of an orchestrator. Connecting people together for the purpose of getting things done.


Is inspired by the future. Loves to peak over the horizon. He will certainly inspire you of his visions of the future, focusing on the positive light in your future.